Why are we doing this?

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Why are we doing this?

Post by 2LT McHellsten » Fri Dec 22, 2017 6:37 pm

August 10, 2012, the unit formed under Captain Edwards, 1st Lieutenant Furlong and 2nd Lieutenant Hartmann. Since then we have had several reforms and structural changes up until August 2015 when the current layout was made by Second Lieutenant McHellsten, Staff Sergeant Steel and Corporal Barden. Even if the unit has not been one hundred percent active the whole time, its members have always kept the “Dog Company spirit” burning.

Throughout time, we have fought many battles against other units, most with a low casualty rate and a high enemy fatality rate. Our members have always taken pride in being a part of one of the best units in the community.

We must though not forget to honor those who lived through the horrors of Normandy, Holland, Bastogne, Germany, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.
With respect and honor, we have chosen to tribute the Screaming Eagles in the ArmA 3 environment.

Our Historical Interest plays a huge role in what we do. Every training, mission and operation requires a lot of research in order to give our members what we promise them. The Immersion of acting as a soldier in whatever era we base the environment off of.
It is important that we remember the past in order to prevent the same misery in the future. We must Honor the fallen of both sides, whether they are British, German, Japanese, American, Australian, Swedish, Korean, Vietnamese or Russian.
But in order to achieve all of this, we must request from our members to not take this as a pure fun experience. Our fun is being able to immerse ourselves into the environment and through Team Play complete the mission. Our fun is also to learn about the history. Some of us play to honor ancestors.

Our main goal is to always give our best to Win Every Battle we find ourselves in, no matter where we are fighting, what we are fighting, or who we are fighting.
By winning, we can achieve the right Esprit De Corps and make our members feel proud of what they are a part of. We want to educate our members to be better people. We accomplish this through instructing our NCOs in self discipline as it is important to maintain a positive state of morale.
As a unit we want to Be recognized for what we stand for and what we do. We want other units to look up to us and admire us.


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