[Accepted] Application- R. Kowing

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[Accepted] Application- R. Kowing

Post by RossTheBoss » Thu Nov 22, 2018 9:15 am

Name:Ross Kowing
Recent Aliases:Boss
Date of Birth (YY-MM-DD):99-12-06
Country of Residence: United States

Steam Profile URL:https://steamcommunity.com/id/RossBous
Steam ID (https://steamidfinder.com/):STEAM_0:1:31753893
ArmA Player ID:76561198023773515

Previous Realism/Milsim Experience:No
Were you Discharged recently (Last 6 Months):No

How did you find us?:Google, Reddit Forums.
Recruited By (If Applicable):N/A
Tell us about yourself:Live in PA. I am currently attending college for a bachelors in computer engineering. Have always loved the history and stories of ww2 as a adult and a kid. Have grown up on video games and love using teamwork to achieve goals.
Where do you see yourself in the unit after graduating Basic Training? I'd be thrilled to be in any supporting role. I like helping others when in need. A role such as a medic or heavy gunner would suit me best.
Why did you decide to join this specific unit?: I've read around Reddit forums frequently and this unit is the friendliest and genuine unit. Gives me lots of opportunities it make great memories.
What can you bring to the unit?: I am generally funny, but can be serious when needed. I take role-play/sim pretty seriously. I can be shy at times, but when I get comfortable I can have a good time. I have good team play skills, and always help others to the best of my abilities.
Are you comfortable in smaller leadership roles, such as leading small teams of 4?Y

Can you attend our event times? [Fridays - 2200 GMT, Saturdays - 2000 GMT]:Yes
Have you read and agreed upon our Rules and Requirements?:Yes
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Pfc Arbaaz
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Re: R.Kowing

Post by Pfc Arbaaz » Sat Nov 24, 2018 12:46 am

Welcome Kowing Thank you for posting your application for the 101st Airborne, 2/506th PIR - ArmA 3 Milsim. We hope to provide you with the best experience possible, and to make sure you have a good time.
The next steps for you to do include:
  • Joining us on our TeamSpeak if you haven't already:
  • Go through a final interview with a Recruiting Liaison or Officer
Thank you for choosing the 101st Airborne, 2/506th PIR - ArmA 3 Milsim.
T/5. V. Ram

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